Keeping Warm- Doors and Windows

f you have opened and closed your windows a lot this summer, chances are the window seals are dirty.  Remember, a tight seal helps keep cold air out of your home. If you do not clean the seals of Winter water damage tipsyour windows, heat will escape over the course of the winter.  Now is a good time to check for any loose, frayed, or broken seals, and replace them if necessary. Also check the caulk around the windows and replace as needed. If your windows are older than ten years and are single paned-glass, think about replacing them with new windows.

Typically you will feel a draft around your doors or windows; unfortunately, it can sometime be difficult to find the source of the draft. An easy way to check is to light a long candle and slowly walk in front of your doors and windows.  Where the flame moves or flickers is the source of your problem.

Another small thing you can do on your own if your door feels ‘drafty’ is to install a weather strip. The strip is installed on the bottom of the door and creates an almost airtight seal between the door and the floor. This fixes the draft and helps reduce energy cost in the winter. There are several types of weather strips on the market like spring-metal strips, felt, pressure-sensitive adhesive backed, and several others. Consult your local hardware salesperson for the best solution.

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