Water Damage explained by your Chicago Water Damage Restoration Company

What many homeowners do not realize is that there are actually several categories of water damage,from water damage clean up chicagoclean water to gray water to black water. Each type of water damage is more dangerous than the next. Do you know the difference?

The 3 Categories of Water Damage

1. Clean Water Damage: Clean water, as you may have already guessed, has no contamination and is not toxic. It typically comes from sources like rain water or a broken water pipe.

2. Gray Water Damage: Containing low levels of contamination, gray water comes from sources like the dishwasher, sink or washing machine. 

3. Black Water Damage: Black water should be avoided at all costs. This type of water damage comes from sources like backed up sewers, clogged main lines, and more. Black water contains high levels of contamination and could be hazardous to your health. If you ever find yourself confronted with black water, contact your local water damage restoration company immediately!

It’s important to remember that waiting to start the clean-up can turn a clean water loss into a gray water loss and after 3 or more days a clean water loss can actually be considered a black water loss

Remember: DON’T WAIT TO MITIGATE Get Help Immediately

This will not only help prevent further damage, but also eliminate potential health hazards. Plus, the longer you wait to begin restoration, the more time water has to soak into your home.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park: Your Chicago Water Damage Restoration Company

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