Reliable Water Damage Restoration in Des Plaines, IL

In the heart of Des Plaines, life flows seamlessly. Before you know it, though, water damage can occur. When it happens, we at ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park are on standby to help you. Water damage, fire and mold growth can halt your daily life. They can cause mental and physical stress. They can erode the integrity of your property. That can lead to long-term costly complications. Let’s dive deep into how we can help you.

Our Premier Services in Des Plaines, IL

The aftermath of severe emergencies can leave your home or business needing urgent care. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that can help get your property back to pre-disaster condition.

Water Damage Restoration

Our trained experts come equipped with advanced tools and techniques for dedicated water damage restoration in Des Plaines. We’ll provide a hassle-free and reassuring cleanup experience 24/7.

Fire Restoration

We offer comprehensive fire restoration services — from smoke damage cleanup to odor removal. Our process includes emergency pre-cleaning, content cleaning, and wall and ceiling cleaning.

Mold Remediation

Excess moisture in your home or office creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we are here to help you with mold remediation in Des Plaines. We adhere to IIRC and EPA guidelines, and with our team’s expertise and industry-leading techniques, our solutions eliminate mold and prevent its return.

Additional Cleaning Solutions

We also offer services such as carpet cleaning, upholstery care, commercial facility maintenance, and specialized disinfection. That way, we can take care of all your property needs in the event of damage.

Service Excellence in Des Plaines, IL

Des Plaines residents have entrusted their homes and businesses to our care for years. Beyond water damage, our services extend to fire damage restoration and mold remediation, making us the go-to solution for repairs. Our team is always on standby, ensuring immediate response and minimal delay. Our comprehensive approach ensures we address every potential hazard, from mold growth to structural damage.

Restoring Harmony With ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park

Trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for unmatched expertise in restoration and cleaning. We commit to bringing refreshing normalcy back to your space. Restoration is a phone call away with ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park at your side. Let us help you reclaim your peace and restore your property in Des Plaines. Contact us today for a free consultation for disaster restoration services.


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