Sewage Cleanup Services in Chicago

Few experiences feel more overwhelming than having sewage back up into your home or office. This type of emergency often leaves people rushing to figure out how to mitigate the damage.

The best solution for those living in the Chicago area is to contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (773) 346-6767. We’ll come to your residence or business and start sewage cleanup services right away.

Signs of Sewage Damage

Backups can occur due to pipe blockages or an overloaded sewer system, such as after heavy rains. Since these issues can happen without warning, it’s essential to know when to get professional sewage backup cleanup services. Common indications of sewage damage include:

    • Odors: A sanitary line is well-sealed and smell-free. Professional cleaning, like that done by our technicians, will help remove unpleasant lingering aromas.
    • Mold: When you notice mold along with sewer odors, that’s a sign sewage damage may exist. Excess moisture creates a breeding ground for pathogens like mold spores. These growths can potentially cause health issues for you, your loved ones, staff, or pets. Our team receives extensive training in mold remediation to successfully remove it from your property. As a result, we’ll help protect the physical well-being of everyone in your home or business.
    • Pooling water: Gathering water on a basement or bathroom floor may indicate a backup that requires expert attention. Even clean water can produce health hazards when left to stand, and accumulation containing visible solid waste poses an immediate danger. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park has the cost-effective expertise to remove clean, grey, and black water to restore your peace of mind and normal life.

Dangers of Sewage Damage

Aside from interrupting your home or workplace, sewage damage can create many other issues. Correctly handling untreated sewage requires special equipment and training. Sewage cleanup professionals like ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park are the best solution for health protection. Rely on our experienced team to help you mitigate these hazards affordably.


Contaminated water may contain many bacteria, viruses and germs that compromise water safety. According to the CDC, two common ones are E.coli and Hepatitis A. 

Escherichia coli is a normal bacteria when it stays in our intestinal systems. However, if it finds its way into our water system through solid waste, it can cause nausea and vomiting, which leads to dehydration. Likewise, microscopic hepatitis A can pass through many filters to infect the liver and produce symptoms like jaundice, nausea and fatigue. Both can enter the body through contact and spread to others the same way. 

While less common, untreated wastewater can also harbor airborne organisms hazardous to human and animal health. If the backup enters ductwork for heating and cooling systems, airborne issues are a potential concern. 

The ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park team knows what it takes to protect your Chicago area home or business from these dangers. We equip our technicians with the training and tools to reduce waterborne exposure quickly and safely. Our competitively-priced HVAC and duct-cleaning services also ensure the removal of any pathogens in your air-comfort systems.

Contamination of Porous Surfaces

The longer a sewage backup sits, the more your carpets, drapery, furniture and walls are exposed to its contents. Once absorbed, it’s challenging to eliminate these materials without a cleanup professional. Residual deposits will create ongoing issues, so it’s essential to remove the water and correct the problem as soon as possible. When you take quick action, you prevent those issues and can reduce damage to your property.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is your answer. Reach out to us for complete water removal services and affordable disinfection protection.

Proven Processes Reduce Long-Term Sewage Damage

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park team has been handling sewage damage for customers for years. This gives us excellent insights into how best to clean up any sewage-related flooding problem. Upon arrival to your house or commercial property, we will first diagnose the issue. If the sewage is still backing up, we will work with you to stop the flow of sewage into your home or establishment. After the raw sewage flow has ceased, we will concentrate on developing a comprehensive plan for cleanup.

Helping You Work With Your Insurance Provider

One of the biggest advantages of calling ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for sewage cleanup services in Chicago is that we also help you talk with your insurance company about your coverage. This provides you with much-needed peace of mind. We have worked with plenty of insurance carriers, and we are happy to be the go-between on your behalf. Please have your insurance information on hand when we arrive to expedite this service.

Getting Your Spaces Clean and Healthy Again

When sewage has invaded your living or working spaces, it’s essential to get them spotless. Our methods for sewage removal are second-to-none in the Chicago land area. We work tirelessly using our advanced equipment, so there will be absolutely no remaining residue after we are finished. Not only does that ensure a clean-looking atmosphere, but it also ensures a healthier one. Raw sewage can create illness and attract pests, so the faster you make a call to ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park at (773) 346-6767, the faster you can start enjoying your life again.

Get Rid of Odors From Sewage Backup

Sewer backup doesn’t just create visible damage. It leaves behind a smell that can linger long after sewage cleanup services are finished. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we pay special attention to getting the air fresh again as well as removing all debris and moisture. This makes the area safe and pleasant to be in — and it allows you to return to normal activities with peace of mind.

When you have a sewage backup issue, contact us at (773) 346-6767. We promise prompt, courteous service from experts who are professionals in the sewage removal services industry.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park in Chicago: Restoring peace of mind.®


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