Fire Damage Restoration in Chicago

Most property owners spend little time worrying about residential and commercial fires, but the truth is that they happen. Fires are an emotional occurrence, and they can also be overwhelming. That’s why we always recommend working with trustworthy, compassionate fire damage restoration companies such as ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park.

We know that fires are devastating and valuables and memories are often the most missed items. The experts at ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park work with you to stabilize your home in the Chicago area. Call us as soon as your fire is controlled and you and your loved ones are safe. We are available to take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (773) 346-6767.

Protect Your Family & Your Home

Just because you may not see physical damage to certain parts of your home, doesn't mean that it was not affected in a way that may not be safe for you and your family. Many pieces of furniture and flooring materials are synthetic; when burned, they generate complex chemical reactions. After only a few days, those items go from cleanable to unsalvageable.

Additionally, comprehensive fire restoration service companies have to consider water damage related to fire damage. Water is typically used to douse home fires, at least in part, and it can create its own unique problems. Many untested fire damage cleanup crews do not take this into account. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we anticipate all aspects of fire restoration, including water damage cleanup.

Save Money — Work With a Fire Restoration Expert

A fire is a costly occurrence, even with comprehensive homeowners’ insurance. Our goal is to help you achieve the results you deserve while spending only what’s necessary out-of-pocket. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park restoration technicians are experts at understanding the chemical combinations that can effectively clean and save your belongings, thus helping mitigate additional expenses. We can even remove soot from at-risk items, such as:

Hear From Our Customers

"ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is the best. They are responsive and professional. Would not use anyone else."
- Tim S. - 5 stars

"ServiceMaster was fantastic to work with. They were prompt, courteous and got the job done efficiently. I would definitely work with them again!"- Lori A. - 5 stars

"This place is great. Dan was awesome to work with. I recommend to all my family and friends."- John S. - 5 stars

Chicago Fire Damage Restoration & Smoke Damage Cleanup Services

Because our team has a well-regarded system for fire and smoke damage restoration services, you can trust that we will leave nothing unconsidered during our time working with you. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park five-step fire restoration & smoke damage cleanup services process:

  1. Emergency Pre-Cleaning. After you have experienced fire damage, it may be necessary for us to pre-clean certain items in the house before doing anything else. This helps set the stage for better results when we clean other spaces, such as your walls, ceilings and contents. It is part of our fire damage restoration process, and we know it can help protect many of your assets.
  2. Content Cleaning. When the emergency pre-cleaning is finished, we begin our content cleaning. Cleaning the contents thoroughly takes time. Although we try to be as efficient as we can, please know we also want to be comprehensive. The more thorough we are during content cleaning, the better your fire restoration results will be.
  3. Content Pack-out. We’ll take care of all the content packing out when you hire ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for your Chicago-based fire damage restoration. You do not need to be involved in this process beyond answering questions regarding your items.
  4. Wall and Ceiling Cleaning. As we begin to thoroughly clean your fire-damaged property, we will focus heavily on walls and ceilings. Many times, these are areas that need to be specially considered because they often bear the brunt of fire damage, not to mention soot, smoke and water damage.
  5. The last thing you want is to have the lingering smell of a fire to remind you of your stressful situation. Our deodorization process has been proven to reduce the chances that any odor of smoke will remain in the air.

Want to know more about why your neighbors have chosen ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park in Chicago for fire restoration services? Give us a call today at (773) 346-6767 after your fire is under control. Time is of the essence to get your structure back to its pre-fire state, so contact our crews any time, day or evening. We are available around the clock to serve you.

What You Can Do to Minimize Fire Damage

Many times, homeowners and business owners feel helpless after they have had a fire. However, there are some things you can do to help the process as a ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park fire damage restoration customer. Below are suggestions of what to do, and what not to do.

To keep the damage to a minimum, follow these steps.

What To Do:

  • Corrosive byproducts can cause irreversible etching in as few as 72 hours. Call for professional help at (773) 346-6767 as soon as you are in a safe place.
  • If the temperature is above 60 degrees, air out the house to reduce smoke odor.
  • Clean Formica, chrome, porcelain and aluminum fixtures to prevent permanent tarnishing or etching. Make sure to use the appropriate cleaning products for each of these fixtures.
  • Change the air filter on your furnace if it uses forced hot air. If you do not know how to do this, call a service technician after calling us as your fire restoration professional.
  • Tape damp cheesecloth over returns and supply registers to capture loose soot in the air.
  • Discard any open food packages. You may also want to discard closed food packages in cardboard containers, as smoke can sift into the packaging. Canned goods contents are usually not affected by fire damage, although you will want to clean off the cans.
  • If the electricity is off, clean out the refrigerator and leave doors propped open.
  • Send clothing with heavy smoke damage to a qualified restoration dry cleaner.
  • Find another place to reside while we conduct our fire damage restoration services. This is stressful, we know, but it’s a healthier option, unless the fire was very well contained to a small area of your home.

What Not To Do:

  • Do not allow your children or pets into the area that has been damaged by the fire, water, smoke or soot.
  • Do not stay in a smoky area. The smoke can be an irritant to your lungs.
  • Do not touch anything with your bare hands. Oil from your hands can permeate upholstery, walls and woodwork, causing additional damage. Wear gloves, or wait to do anything until ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park arrives.
  • Do not wash walls. Incorrect cleaning could compound the soot residue.
  • Do not attempt to clean carpets or upholstered furniture.
  • Do not use electrical appliances until having them checked.
  • Do not use ceiling fixtures if the ceiling is wet.

Leave Your Home in Good Hands With ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park

Fires can turn your life upside down. They invade your property and leave you worrying about the long-term effects. For Chicago fire restoration services, we'll help you get your house back to normal so that you can feel comfortable in your space again.

If you've recently suffered fire damage, leave your home in our caring hands. Contact us online or call (773) 346-6767 to learn about our services.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park in Chicago, IL: Restoring peace of mind.®

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