Residential Green Cleaning

Get a Natural Clean With Green Cleaning

Many homeowners across Chicago are actively seeking environmentally-friendly cleaning options, including carpet cleaning. However, it can be challenging to know which companies to trust. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, our residential green cleaning services are trustworthy, offering the most eco-conscientious possibilities on the market. Not only do we get your carpets clean and bright, but we do it without using toxic chemicals. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our green carpet cleaning specialists in Chicago.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Services in Chicago

Are your carpets or floors looking dull, dingy and stained? Have you been convinced that you will never find a green cleaner that could do the job and get them back to an attractive condition? Avoid the cost of replacing all your carpeting and flooring by putting your trust in ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park.

Our goal as your environmentally-friendly carpet and flooring cleaner in the Chicago area is to use cleaning products and methods that thoroughly clean and sanitize without harmful ingredients. Each of our green products possesses the following properties:

  • They are easier on the ecosystem. Our proprietary system helps reduce the number of toxins that are released into the atmosphere and water supply. This promotes healthier living for humans, as well as animals and plants.
  • They biodegrade quickly. Having a product that biodegrades rapidly is important in an era of eco-friendlier solutions. All of our cleaning items are created so they biodegrade faster than their traditional counterparts.
  • They contain nothing corrosive, alkaline or acidic. The same could never be said for most cleaning products on the market.
  • They contain no volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. This is of the highest importance for people who want to get their floors and carpets clean, but are concerned about the potential negative side effects of VOCs.

The methods and ingredients used by ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park as part of our green cleaning carpet and floor services have been certified by two independent agencies. The first is Environmental Choice, which has been certifying green products for almost 30 years. The second is Green Seal, an independent verification organization that has also been in operation for three decades. We’re very proud to have approval from these well-respected companies.

We Make Switching to Green Cleaning Simple

If you imagined that there was no simple way to switch to green cleaning, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s as easy as making a phone call. When you contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, ask about our environmentally friendly cleaning options. We would be happy to discuss our detergent-free products made from FDA-approved ingredients, as well as set up an appointment to visit your residence.

Make an eco-conscientious change in the way you get your home’s floors and carpeting brighter and cleaner. Call us now for an estimate. Don’t forget that we also offer green cleaning for businesses, too. This means you can have a greener clean in both your home and the place where you work.

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