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Expert Cleaning Services and Damage Restoration in Chicago

Whether you have the need for:

You can trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park. We serve the Chicago market and can handle any size job. Discover why so many of your Chicago neighbors turn to us when they need someone reliable and professional to clean or restore their homes and businesses. Call us today or fill out a contact form for a free quote on any of our services.

Some of the most requested types of projects we handle include:

  • Water Restoration – Water is one of the most destructive elements, and it can quickly cause heartache for homeowners and business owners. If your property has suffered water damage, you have very little time to salvage your property. Call us immediately, and we’ll get a crew to your Chicago neighborhood to help you restore your peace of mind.
  • Fire Restoration – Even a small fire in your Chicago location can produce serious amounts of smoke, which leads to a cleaning nightmare. Smoke not only clings to every surface you can see, but it also lays in those you can’t, such as your ductwork. Our experts have the experience to thoroughly get rid of any smoke and fire damage, restoring a sense of normalcy for you and those around you.
  • Disaster Restoration – Have you experienced some kind of a natural disaster or manmade disaster that caused problems in your home or office? Our team members can evaluate the issues and give you solutions to restore your property.
  • Residential and Commercial Cleaning – Want to work with a Chicago-based trustworthy company for regularly-scheduled  commercial and residential cleaning? Look no further than ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park. We can help you maintain a spotless residence or business. We’re your secret weapon against dirt, grime and bad odors!
  • Construction Cleanup – After construction has finished, you need a comprehensive clean-up to bring the job site to a sparkling finish. Our crew members have the talent to safely and completely clean up post-construction.
  • Hoarder Cleanup – Hoarding is a serious issue, and it can leave a home uninhabitable without cleaning intervention. Our clean-up methods are suitable for homes that have been inhabited by hoarders or that have stood neglected for years. We compassionately serve people who want to improve the health and conditions of their residences.
  • Carpet Cleaning – Carpets get dirty, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with stains and grime. Our carpet cleaning services are ideal for any client, from a homeowner to a business owner. We also service many of the Chicago hotels and retail stores, keeping their carpets looking great year-round.
  • Mold Cleanup – Mold isn’t just unsightly. It’s also a health concern. Our mold cleanup and remediation practices not only address the problem, but they give you permanent solutions so you can avoid future mold buildup.

No matter what kind of cleaning you need in Chicago, turn to ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park. Contact us now for a free estimate on any of our services. Don’t forget that we offer other services as well, so feel free to browse our site and see just how valuable we can be as your cleaning partner!

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