Water Damage Restoration in Westchester, IL

Your home and business are places of refuge when the weather takes a turn. Sometimes, however, these places of protection sustain damage. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we pride ourselves on fast responses that help you restore your property to its best.

Water damage restoration is one of the most popular services we render in the Westchester area. Heavy storms can lead to floods, which ultimately affect your entire building’s foundation. It’s crucial to get professionals on-site as soon as you notice water flooding your basement or seeping in through your ceiling. Our ServiceMaster technicians will work with your insurance company to get things back on track as soon as possible using our industry-leading tools and decades of experience managing these claims.

Our Westchester Mold Removal

In many cases, where water damage goes, mold and mildew growth is soon to follow. Once it starts growing, removing what you can see is only a half-solution. Full remediation is necessary to eliminate all spores and prevent regrowth. When you come to us for mold removal services, we’ll get to the source of the issue and remove it all, preventing further decay inside your building and ensuring clean air for all to breathe.

Westchester, IL Fire Damage Cleanup

We also address fire damage, whether it’s in one room or spread throughout the property. When fire connects with furniture, walls and roofs, it can cause serious chemical reactions that infect the air, leaving you to deal with fumigation and repair simultaneously. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park has the necessary expertise to take care of your concerns safely and clean soot, ash and smoke from your most prized items.

Schedule Your Service Today

When you invest in space in the beautiful Westchester region, experience peace of mind that you’re ready to handle anything nature might throw your way. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park’s disaster restoration services provide that for thousands of your community members, and we’ll be happy to take on any of your property concerns, however large or small they may be. When you need local repair services, contact us online or at 773-346-6767. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and schedule your appointment immediately.

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