Disaster Restoration in Chicago

In human environments, water is meant to be contained. When water seeps down walls, leaks through ceilings and spreads across floors, there’s undeniably a problem. Whether it’s due to leaking pipes, bursting tanks or some overflow of black water from a nearby river, big leaks and floods are disastrous.

Water damage restoration service

In homes and buildings, the trouble doesn’t stop once the water recedes. With walls and floors saturated, it’s only a matter of time before mold begins to grow. Once the water evaporates into drywall and insulation, odorous bacteria can ferment and render the property unsanitary, regardless of new paint and carpeting. If flooding is the culprit, matters are even worse, because you’re dealing with black water and the various germs it carries from nearby sewers. When Chicago residents and building owners are hit by floods and other forms of water damage, they turn to ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for the following services:

  •  Emergency response: Wherever water damage occurs, restoration needs to happen as soon as possible. If the water is left to soak into your walls and floor, the erosion and contamination will only intensify. Knowing this can happen at any time, day or night, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park responds to emergency calls 24/7 throughout the Chicago area.
  •  Water removal: When water hits, it must be dried before it has a chance to evaporate. Otherwise, bacteria forms and sinks into the surfaces that the water penetrates. This can foul up a building’s air, give rise to mold formations and serve as a magnet for insects and rodents. To prevent all this from happening, we use the latest drying technology to absorb standing water while it’s still fresh.
  •  Restoration cleaning: When walls, floors, and furnishings are penetrated by water, they can never really be the same again unless restoration work is done fast and thoroughly. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, our goal is to restore everything we rescue to pre-incident condition.

When local home and building owners type “water restoration Chicago” into Google, they want instant response, thorough water removal and complete property restoration. Customers get all these things and more from ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park.

Fire Damage Restoration

All across Chicago, fire crews are called upon for emergencies both large and small. Whether they have to douse an oven fire or battle a blazing inferno, the fire department’s work generally ends once the flames have gone out. Thing is, the fire itself is just the worst part of the whole ordeal. In the aftermath of flames lies smoke–engulfed interiors, water–drenched belongings and a general sense of disarray. For after–fire cleanup and restoration, Chicago–area residents and business owners call ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to perform the following:

  •  Smoke restoration: Once a fire has been put out, the smoky effects can linger in the form of noxious smells that permeate the charred and burned walls, items and furnishings of an affected property. On synthetic upholsteries, toxic gasses can emanate due to contact with fire. As part of our fire–restoration services, we rid all traces of ash, soot and smoky smells that linger in the aftermath of fires.
  •  Water cleanup: Water can be just as damaging to assorted household belongings as fire. Of course, under ordinary circumstances, no one would take hoses to their carpets, books, artwork and furniture, but it’s a necessary evil when things catch fire. Thankfully, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park provides restoration care both doused and burned structures and furnishings.
  •  Interior cleaning: Fire restoration also involves cleanup of all the debris left behind by smoke and flames, as well as repairs of damaged support beams, walls, ceilings, kitchen counters and That’s why we’re committed to more than rectifying fire and water damage; it’s our goal to restore properties to their pre–damaged condition.

Throughout the Windy City, search strings like “fire restoration Chicago” are constantly entered into Google and Bing. What all these people want is smoke and water cleanup, as well as interior restoration, all of which are offered by ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park understands that, in business, no time is right for downtime. To that end, we provide restoration on the double, whenever disaster strikes your shop, mall or restaurant. Of all the restoration companies in the Chicago area, business owners choose ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for the following reasons.

  •  Instant cleanup: Accidents can happen anytime, day or night. Therefore, it’s crucial to have a restoration service that’s on call, 24/7, in the event of fire or water damage to your business. In the Chicago area, shop and restaurant owners call ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for quick restoration whenever disasters strike.
  •  Minimal downtime: When you run a business, you must take every step to prevent it from being shut down over some external factor, such as a fire or flood. After all, even a five–day shutdown could devastate profits and send an x–amount of customers elsewhere. Depending on the extent of damage, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park could have your shop or restaurant back to normal in just a fraction of the time it would take our competitors.
  •  Complete restoration: When walls, floors and ceilings have been damaged by fire or water, it’s not enough to simply apply new carpets and coats of paint. When the crews from ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park arrive on the scene, the damaged portions of your eatery or storefront will be thoroughly restored.

Whether a business gets damaged from a fire or natural disaster, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park will assess the scope of damage to determine the best course of restoration. With one call to us, you’ll have your premises thoroughly restored as quickly as possible.

When water breaks loose in the wrong places, mold is sure to follow unless drying mechanisms are employed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the areas in question could soon sprout mold and emit rank smells and pathogens; and it doesn’t even take long. In as little as 48 hours, odors can emerge from objects soaked in rotting water. In the Chicago area, this can all be avoided with a quick call to ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, where we’ll send out our crew to perform the following tasks:

  •  Testing: In order to stop mold, it’s crucial to pinpoint the environmental conditions that allow it to form within a house or building. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we use the latest technology to test rooms, basements and dark spaces for issues that give rise to mold, such as moisture and temperature.
  •  Remediation: With the cause of the mold identified, we then employ tools and drying mechanisms to remedy the situation.
  •  Removal: Regardless of a building’s size or layout, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park works to remove mold and stop it from reoccurring. Once you’ve been visited by our team of mold–removal specialists, your building will be rid of the problem for years to come.

When locals Google the phrase “disaster restoration Chicago Il,” they want more than just repairs; they want to know that their homes and buildings will be free of contaminating elements. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we don’t consider a job done unless the properties we restore are mold free.

When a building smells bad, it’s usually more than just the air inside. In all likelihood, it’s probably due to pathogens long ingrained in the carpeting, drywall, insulation and furniture. One of the most pungent of odors is cigarette smoke, which engulfs the air and saturates interiors.

Odor Removal Services

For non–smokers, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke can be especially irritating. Trouble is, people often find themselves exposed unintentionally. For example, a house could be sold with the odor ingrained, due to the previous owners smoking habits. Despite Chicago’s smoking ban on business premises, the habit continues in private rooms, from where the smoke ingrains itself and passes through air ducts. The good news is, when you call the odor–removal specialists at ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, your house or building reaps the following benefits:

  •  Thorough removal of odorous source: When a home or office space is plagued with the terminal stench of tobacco, it’s not enough to simply freshen up the air with deodorizers. That’s why people who are serious about odor removal call ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, where we specialize in removing caked–in cigarette stenches from the source.
  •  Healthier environment: If you’re allergic to smoke, you shouldn’t be exposed to cigarette pathogens, the likes of which can linger in saturated indoor environments. Once you’ve had your home cleansed of smoke traces by ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and clean, healthy air.
  •  Improved resale value: A house is more attractive to prospective buyers if the air is fresh and odor free. On the other hand, a house that smells like cigarettes is bound to turn off the non–smoking half of the population. If you intend to put your house on the market in the near future, contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to have the rooms cleared of tobacco stench.

To clear the seeped–in smell of cigarette smoke from walls, carpets and ceilings, it’s best to hire professionals like ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to handle the job. With our vast experience at removing various odor–causing agents from home and building interiors, we know how to strip the smell of smoke from onetime smoking havens.

Disasters aren’t the only cause for an onsite crisis. When residents and businesses fail to manage their own belongings, houses and office spaces can be rendered uninhabitable. If your rooms have turned into compost piles, with garbage and collectibles are stacked amongst miscellanea, the thought of clearing things out and restoring order to your rooms could seem too overwhelming. All across Chicago, people in the same situation rely on ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for the following hoarder services:

  •  Organize things you want: Within all the mountains of stuff must lay various books, souvenirs and possibly some antiques that you collected for fun, but never managed to store properly. We’ll set all such items aside for tidier placement.
  •  File away things you need: Also scattered within those stacks could be various bills and legal documents; the kinds of things you don’t necessarily want, but need to keep on file. We’ll neatly file all of your must–keep papers for easy access whenever you’re handling matters with your bank, landlord, creditors or insurance providers.
  •  Eliminate garbage and waste: In rooms and houses where excessive hoarding has taken place, trash and refuse are bound to be strewn about and buried under the stacks. This is the most unsanitary aspect of hoarding, but it can all be gutted, tidied and cleaned with a call to ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park.

Even if you’ve been hoarding piles of belongings in every room for years on end, it’s never too late to adopt a clean and tidy habitat. Call ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for some newfound cleanliness and organization in your life.

When a house or building has endured serious damage, the contents within should generally be moved elsewhere until everything is stabilized. Whether the incident involves a fire, hurricane or pipeline burst, surviving furnishings and valuables should either be moved aside — providing there’s enough space — or transported off–site for safekeeping until the damaged portions of the interior have been restored. In the Chicago area, home and building owners contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for the following content pack–out services:

Pack Out Chicago
  •  Wrap and pack items: Once a fire or flood has ripped through a room, contents that survive the incident could stand in the way of the restoration process. Nonetheless, the items in question must be handled with care to avoid further loss. That is why we take great care to wrap and pack all items for safe transportation to off–site storage spaces.
  •  Transport items to safety: The purpose behind rescue work is to save as much property as possible. The purpose behind restoration is to ensure that everything is returned to a pre–incident state. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park sees to it that all furnishings and valuables that survive the elements are protected during the post–disaster limbo period.
  •  Restore and return items: After the walls, floors and ceilings of an interior have been restored to their pre–impact state, it’s time to refurbish the rooms. That said, some of the furniture and fixtures might have their own share of damage. As a full–service restoration company, we also refurbish interior items before returning them to their rightful places.

However long a restoration job might take, content pack–outs can ensure the safety and quality of your interior belongings.

In houses and buildings, there are many ways in which trauma can be defined. Fire, water and windstorms can cause tremendous property damage, but the worst incidences of all are the ones where people die of unnatural causes. Whether a death is due to a fatal mishap or homicide, the scene of the incident is sure to be haunted by bad vibes and disturbing reminders. If the death was caused by exposure of some form, the scene could even be flanked with lethal substances. When on–premise fatalities occur in the Chicago area, people count on ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to do the following:

Trauma Clean Up
  •  Cleanup dangerous/lethal materials: If someone dies from exposure due the presence of mold or rodent pathogens, the premises must be decontaminated. Likewise, if someone dies from experiments with lethal chemicals, traces of said chemicals could linger at the scene for months if no further action is taken. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park will remove these harmful elements for the safety of future inhabitants.
  •  Clear away evidence of trauma: A murder scene can be haunting — even un–faceable — to anyone in the know. Whether a murder happens in a private unit or public space, the traces of trauma should be thoroughly cleared so that people can resume life as normal. Once the forensics have done their job, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park steps in to clear away any stench or bodily remnants that might linger at the site of a murder.
  •  Restore scene to pre–incident state: A death site is always haunting to loved ones of the victim, but buildings must carry on and attract new tenants, even if an incident drives certain people elsewhere. If you own a house or building that has been the site of a murder or suicide, we’ll render the death site pure and ghost–free for visitors and future tenants.

Nonetheless, future tenants and buyers deserve to know of any fatalities on a given premises. Therefore, we provide a paper trail that makes it easy to piece the facts of the matter, should any such questions ever be raised by an interested party.

When disaster strikes, homes and buildings often need more than smoke restoration and wall drying to be habitable again. In many cases, large chunks of the interior need rebuilt, either partially or in full. In addition to fire and water restoration in the Chicago area, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park also offers the following:

  •  Home/building exterior remodeling: Whether the structure has been burnt, flooded or torn asunder, we’ll restore its integrity on the inside and
  •  Kitchen/bathroom remodeling: The most vital household fixtures are contained in the kitchen and bathroom, and we’ll ensure that all are restored before the job is through.
  •  Interior restoration: While it’s crucial to clear out smoke, water, mold and odor, we don’t stop until rooms look the way they did before the elements hit.

At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, satisfaction is seeing people’s lives, dreams and memories restored through our efforts to rid all traces of disaster and trauma to buildings and property.

Insurance Coverage

Out of all the restoration providers in the Chicago area, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is the preferred company among home and building insurance companies. As an IICRC–certified restoration company, we meet the highest of standards set by local insurance providers. To find out more about our restoration services, call ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park today at (773) 346-6767.

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