Water Damage Restoration in Chicago

When you experience water damage in your home, it is critical to secure water removal and restoration specialist as soon as possible to avoid problems related to standing water or moisture that’s reached deep within your carpet fibers, flooring, walls, and property foundations. The sooner you contact a water damage restoration professional, the fewer long-term issues you will likely experience.

Our Water Restoration Services

Because water damage restoration is an emergency business, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is on call around the clock. In most cases, we can be at your site within two to four hours.

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Our trained restoration technicians use advanced procedures and equipment for the highest level of cleaning performance and protection for property and furnishings. Our proprietary methods truly set us apart as the premier water damage repair choice for people and businesses in Chicago, IL, and surrounding areas.

Your Water Damage Experts in Chicago

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is an expert in water-damage restoration for the greater Chicago area. We know how stressful water emergencies are. We also know this area’s specific risks factors, weather patterns and common crisis elements and can tackle any water removal and cleanup scenarios that may strike.

Contact the expert team at ServiceMaster of Lincoln today so you can regain your peace of mind and restore utility and stability in your home or business.

"I had the most awesome experience with Service Master of Lincoln Park, David and Andrew were wonderful!! They made the devastating stress of my water damage so much easier to get through. They went above and beyond in their help and kept me sane! I am an Insurance Agent that has recommended Service Masters to my clients for many years and have always had good feedback from clients. The professionalism and kindness by David and Andrew was outstanding. I very much appreciate all that you do!" - Sharon L. - 5 stars

"ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park did a great job drying out my condo unit when the washing machine in the unit above mine flooded. Water from the flooded washing machine came pouring through my ceiling and every opening (into light fixtures, through openings for plumbing and HVAC, etc.) I called ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park and they arrived within one hour. They evaluated the situation and took steps to dry out my ceiling and walls. Their speedy service and efficient handling of the situation no doubt saved me from a lot more damage and more costly repairs! I would definitely recommend ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for fast, professional, quality service. As a bonus, they work seamlessly with many home and condo insurance companies. Highly recommend!" - Kelly K. - 5 Stars

"I recommend ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to everyone. I had a water damage in my basement and Dan responded to my call quickly. He inspected the damage and provided the estimate the same day. The crews came out to do the work, and they were very professional doing the water mitigation in my basement. Thank you all for the great job well done." - Sam S. - 5 Stars on Google

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

You want to ensure you and your loved ones receive the highest-quality restoration after any situation involving water damage. This process should be comprehensive, with multiple professional steps and phases delivering thorough water-damage assessments, repairs, water removal and antimicrobial clean up.

You should have a thorough understanding of the way ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park operates before calling our team at (773) 346-6767, which is why we outline our step-by-step water restoration process below.

The ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park water recovery process includes:

Phase 1: Emergency Response

  •  Job Site Inspection and Assessment. During the job site inspection, our crew members will be as thorough as possible. We are looking for not only the water damage we can see, but also any damage that might not be immediately visible. For instance, water can sometimes seep into the walls and pour down into other rooms, such as basement areas or even crawl spaces. Our goal is to be very thorough, which helps you avoid problems in the long run.

Phase 2: Water Removal and Drying

  •  Daily Inspection of Job Progress:  Every water damage restoration project we handle in the Chicago area is a little different. Some can be dried up very rapidly, but others may take days or more than a week to completely dry. We encourage you to be patient during this time period. We understand how difficult it can be to wait for your home to be clear of any moisture, but it is necessary. If the water restoration process is not completely followed, you will be opening the door to future messes.

Phase 3: Reinstallation and Cleaning, if necessary

  • A professional water-extraction service will inform you if in-depth cleaning or reinstallation post-water damage is necessary. Only the most serious flood and sewage emergencies tend to require these steps, replacing damaged floors and subfloors, furniture, wall ducts and piping while reinstating a clean, sanitized space for complete peace of mind.
  • Reinstallation and cleanup should also be part of an initial job-site assessment. Trained technicians will be able to spot this level of damage early on, giving you trustworthy and transparent estimates through a written recovery guide and outlining your responsibilities in this final stage.

Why ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is Different

No matter the cause, residential or emergency water damage is inherently stressful. From emergency flooding and leaky pipes to malfunctioning major appliances, these situations are riddled with uncertainty and anxiety. It should be top-of-mind to find a restoration company you can trust and rely on in this time of need.

water damage restoration company

For water damage restoration services in Chicago, be on the lookout for the following company offerings. These are key indicators an area service provider will "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" about quality water control and restoration and treat your property and family like it was their own:

  • Around-the-Clock Servicing: Water damage doesn’t have a nine-to-five schedule and it certainly doesn’t maintain polite hours or play by simple rules. Topwater restoration companies, like ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, understand this and will be on-call around the clock in the case of an emergency. Opt for a service with an explicit, active approach and testimonials to their promptness. The sooner someone can get to your house or building to assess water damage, the better.
  • Water-Damage Assessment: Does the service provide a thorough and knowledgeable water damage assessment? Does the assessment run well beyond a layperson’s approach, showing profession comprehension plus depth and expertise in searching for damage in non-visible and non-obvious locations? ServiceMaster has the expertise, knowledge, and certified water damage technicians to provide a home assessment that is thorough and understandable. The last thing you need in the event of a serious water emergency is for a lackluster inspection that invites further surface and structural issues down the road.
  • Works With Your Insurance: Many homeowners' and business insurance packages take water damage into account. Policies may cover some or all of the water extraction and clean-up process as well as replace household items damaged beyond repair. Look for a company that proactively assists you in insurance matters. From answering an insurance carrier’s questions to mitigating situational costs and details, your chosen restoration expert should be a key ally in getting you the coverage you deserve. ServiceMaster works directly with your insurance company to ensure you are getting the financial benefits you deserve from your provider.

Why Water Damage Needs to Be Fixed by a Professional

Water damage restoration is not only a functional necessity — it’s a safety concern. Depending on the amount of water damage a structure has sustained — plus the quantity of flooded water and the water’s quality — you could face severe repercussions with your building's well-being as well as your own:

  1. Health ConcernsEven small amounts of moisture left behind can cause a domino-like series of health problems. Moisture encourages mold and bacteria growth in your walls and floors, which in turn undermines air quality. Serious allergic reactions and lung conditions are a direct result of mold and mildew left behind by water damage and can only be removed with systematic antimicrobial treatments. What’s more, cool and damp areas are attractive to many types of bugs, insects, and even rodents — all of which further compounds health and safety concerns.
  2. Safety Hazards: Standing or seeped-in moisture can compromise the foundation of a home or business. If left unaddressed, these compromises risk both the surface and structural integrity of a building. On the surface, water and mold damage can strip and fade walls, floors, boards and other façades. This will not only diminish their overall appearance but lower property values as well.

What’s more, the most problematic water damage can cause toxic interactions to take place in your home or business. From lead paint and lead dust to asbestos and toxic sediment leakage, water can seep into, mix with and bring these noxious materials into your home in unprecedented levels, resulting in genuine safety hazards.

Your Neighbors in Chicago Trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park

We consider it a privilege to help everyone in the Chicago area with all their water restoration needs. Our philosophy is to treat your situation like we would for our own family members. We’ll work very hard to reduce the anxiety related to water damage. When you work with our team, you can be sure you’re always getting first-rate water restoration services. This promise is a guarantee we make, and it is why we are known for our expertise and commitment.

Trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for compassionate, professional water restoration, day or night.  Make a call to us as soon as you have a water restoration emergency, and we’ll come to you as soon as possible.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park in Chicago: Restoring peace of mind.®