What Does a Water Damage Restoration Technician Do?

A water damage restoration technician works, usually in connection with a water damage restoration team, to mitigate water damage to your home. If your home is subject to serious water damage due to burst pipes, flooding, fire-extinguishing water hoses, or some other unforeseen catastrophe, it can be a real problem. Your house will be a mess, carpets, and furniture can be soaked, and valuables can be damaged, sometimes beyond repair.

A technician from your water damage restoration company works to dry and remove as much of this water as possible from your home and salvage your possessions to the best of his ability. They are able to do this due to a combination of sophisticated drying equipment provided by the water-damage restoration contractor combined with expertly trained technicians.

These technicians understand the different types of water damage, such as damage from sanitary water, gray water, or black water. They can determine how severe your water damage is, such as damage that only affects part of a room, damage that affects an entire room, damage where ceilings, walls, carpet, and insulation are fully saturated, and specialty drying situations.

Why Do I Need a Water Damage Restoration Technician?

You can certainly try to clean up water damage without the help of a water damage restoration company, but your best chance of getting your life back to normal as quickly as possible is by hiring water damage restoration professionals. In addition to saving you a lot of labor and heartache, an experienced, quality water-damage restoration company like ServiceMaster Restore knows the fastest way to effectively dry your home. They can also determine the best way to save salvageable property and how to deal with problems like mold and bacteria.

Where Do I Find a Water Damage Restoration Technician?

If you need water damage restoration, you can contact ServiceMaster Restore right now. ServiceMaster Restore is a trusted water damage restoration company that offers 24/7 emergency water damage restoration services. ServiceMaster Restore’s tested and proven water damage restoration specialists are experts at removing moisture and promoting drying. They offer rapid response, which is critical in cases of water damage, where the difference between salvaging some of your most precious belongings and losing them can be a matter of minutes.

ServiceMaster Restore will also work with your insurance company, charging you only for the deductible and billing the insurance company for the rest once you’ve successfully filed your claim. If you’ve been the victim of water damage, contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park at 773-346-6767 today.

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