Comprehensive Odor Removal Services in Chicago, IL

Carpets and furniture aren’t the only household items to succumb to smoke damage. Mirrors and other glass objects can become smeared with greasy soot, too. At first glance, you might think that regular cleaning methods will get them clean, but they simply don’t.

The issue is that smoke is made up of too much oil. Therefore, when you use a washcloth or cleaning rag on mirrors and glass, the soot simply moves from one location to another. This can create frustration, and it can cause the surface to look dark, uninviting and dirty.

Instead of trying what doesn’t work, turn to a system of smoke damage removal on mirrors and glass that has held up for generations. All you need is your favorite cleaner, a stack of newspaper sheets and some old-fashioned time and elbow grease.

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Smoke Odors Can Be More Problematic Than They Seem

Unfortunately, the effects of a house fire can linger for a while. The smell of smoke seems to ooze out of every fiber in your sofa, and even your grandmother’s beautiful cherry dining room table smells like a chimney. Will this aromatic reminder of your fire ever go away? Or will you be forced to get rid of all the furniture treasures you love?

The good news is it’s probably not time to head to a big-box furniture outlet or kick your furnishings to the curb. Even if they have been damaged by smoke, items such as couches, beds, coffee tables and more can usually be repaired. Plus, they won’t have a stinky smell or a black sooty covering.

Home Sellers Trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park’s Odor Removal Services

Are you planning to sell your home soon? One of the most noticeable aspects of any residence is the way it smells. If you've got odors that would be a turnoff, such as from cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, pipe smoke or pets, it’s a smart idea to contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park at (773) 346-6767. We will inspect your location and investigate the reason behind the unpleasant smells in your home. From that point, we can determine how best to use our advanced equipment and know-how to make sure the odors in your house don’t turn off potential homebuyers.

Leave Cigarette Smoke Remediation to the Professionals

Cigarette smoke cleanup may be a specific kind of service that's best handled by professionals just like expert at ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park in Chicago. If you have got tried to eliminate the lingering smoke odors in your home or company on your own, you're in danger of just masking the smells. This not only wastes time and money, but it can also lead to further problems.

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