Wilmette, IL Emergency Restoration Services

Between its short distance from Chicago, quiet village life and picturesque lakefront views, Wilmette makes a stunning home for thousands of people. Its proximity to Lake Michigan, however, makes it a prime location for flooding and other natural occurrences. That’s just one of the reasons ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park stays on call 24/7 with our disaster restoration services.

Wilmette, IL’s Best Fire and Water Damage Restoration Service

Fire and water are two of nature’s most uncontrollable forces, and when they hit your property, they can bring unstoppable damage. When they’ve done their harm and moved on, it’s crucial to have a professional begin restoration work as soon as possible. Time is of the essence — and expedient response can allow you to restore walls, ceilings and even personal momentos before water, smoke and ash set in too permanently.

When you experience anything from a small kitchen fire to a full basement flood, ServiceMaster can be there to evaluate and start repairs 24/7. We make our emergency services work for you because what you have matters to us.

Our Mold Remediation Experts

Mold brings a host of concerns that you should have evaluated immediately. The presence of mold indicates an overly humid environment, which can come from more than weather. It could mean you have a leaking pipe somewhere in your building. And once mold grows, it can be challenging to eliminate, allowing it to contribute to long-term health issues.

The second you see, smell or find signs of mold or mildew inside, call ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park. We do more than mold removal — we remediate the space to identify the source of its growth and mitigate it so you can live healthier and happier.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

After major disasters and restoration efforts, you’re left with cleaning and reorganizing tasks. Even without those events occurring, you may find your office, garage or basement needing thorough assistance. Whether you’re moving into a house or making your home a better place to live, our extensive cleaning services will cover every inch of your place from top to bottom. We offer:

Restore Your Wilmette Property

At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we’re here to make sure you can have the safe, beautiful house or office you deserve. When disaster strikes, our emergency team will be by your side to repair the damage and build back stronger. Restore your property to what it should be today by contacting us for a full assessment.


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