Servicing Jefferson Park, Chicago

Jefferson Park, Chicago, IL is home to spacious starter homes, annual music festivals and incredible restaurants around every corner. Young professionals and new families flock to this area, as neighborhoods in the Northwest section are easy to navigate via public transportation.

If you’re after an adventure or exciting career opportunities in academics, Jefferson Park is calling your name. Just remember that this suburban zone is still part of the “Windy City” known to bring downpours and the occasional flood. Trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to respond to disasters surrounding the home and office.

Does Jefferson Park Flood?

Severe rainstorms back in 2013 were enough to put parts of Jefferson Park more than 5 inches underwater. The layout of Chicago’s Northwest end is at a lower risk of flooding compared to Southern parts near Lake Michigan, but consistent rainfall keeps homeowners on their toes. It’s common for storms to overwhelm both sewage and drainage systems in Jefferson Park, bringing devastation to buildings, vehicles and parks.

Man-made surfaces like roads, bridges and sidewalks make it difficult to control the flow of floodwaters. Rather than absorbing into the ground, runoff tends to find its way into basements and storage areas near Jefferson Park.

Damage Restoration Services in Jefferson Park

Floodwaters meandering through Jefferson Park leave room for concern. Serious damage to your home or business occur soon after water enters through cracks, windows and openings, so our damage restoration services help you to manage the aftermath of a natural disaster or accident. We utilize our 25 years of field experience to determine the right course of action for a waterfire or mold incident.

We separate ourselves from the competition with the ability to assess damage, perform cleanups, repair structures and sanitize affected areas.

Water Removal and Extraction

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park offers water removal services in Jefferson Park to stop rainwater and sewage from seeping into nearby surfaces. The key to limiting water damage is to act fast, so we bring durable hoses and drainage pumps to remove the water quickly. Our professionals will extract contaminated water from your residential or commercial space and promote drying with powerful fans.

Fire Restoration

Once the local fire department leaves, you require our help for fire damage restoration services in Jefferson Park. We’ll work to eliminate smoke odors and can even pack-out personal belongings that survived the incident. We provide you with competitive pricing for surface cleaning and will gladly explain your options for sanitizing furniture, upholsteries and more.

Mold Remediation

Fires and floods create breeding grounds for toxic molds. Have our team enter your home or business to detect moisture levels and reveal hidden buildups that can cause allergic reactions. We offer mold remediation services for our customers in Jefferson Park to slow the spread of spores through the latest methods set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Cleaning Services

Looking to erase stains, bacteria and dirt after a residential or commercial disaster? ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park extends our cleaning services within Jefferson Park. From routine visits to a one-time solution, we drive out to homes, retail spaces, estates and more to clean the following:

Contact Us for Restoration Services in Jefferson Park

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park assists home and business owners with waterfire and mold services across Chicago, Illinois. All of our technicians are highly trained, friendly and aim to help you return to your normal routine after a disaster. If you live near Jefferson Park, call (773) 346-6767 for immediate assistance.


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