What Is Black Water Damage?

Black water damage occurs when highly contaminated water enters your home. Groundwater flooding or sewer system backups can cause black water to overflow from your toilet, kitchen sinks, dishwasher or outdoor areas into your home and contaminate surfaces. From harmful pathogens and bacteria to toxic chemicals, black water can present serious health risks, including illness …

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Signs That Your Home Has Underground Plumbing Damage

An underground water leak is many homeowners’ worst nightmare, since it can be a messy and complicated problem. Water leaks are inconvenient, causing higher utility bills, low water pressure or flooding in the yard. Underground plumbing damage can also extensively damage a home, including the foundation. Plumbing leaks under a house can be challenging to …

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What to Do if Your Water Pipe Bursts

  A burst water pipe can quickly become an expensive cleanup and repair if left unchecked. While there are some steps you can take to prevent pipe bursts, sometimes life surprises you. If you’re confronted with water damage and broken pipes, here are the steps you should follow to limit commercial water damage and cleanup. …

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What Is Stagnant Water?

Water — we need it to live, but it can also bring destruction. Floods and heavy rains are two examples of water’s potential for causing damage. Combine that with water’s ability to freeze and expand, and you might be looking at significant risk to your home. Your house was built to last. But water coming …

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Sump Pumps vs. Ejector Pumps

    You may have heard of a sump pump and ejector pump. While these pumps may sound similar, they each perform a unique and valuable task to keep your home safe. Learn more about sump pumps and sewage ejector pumps and which is right for your home. What Is a Sump Pump? A sump …

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The Impact of Basement Moisture

      Whether your basement is extra storage space or a finished recreational room, it’s vulnerable to moisture for various reasons. Persistent, undetected basement moisture problems can wreak havoc on your foundation and cause health issues. The secret to preventing a wet basement is understanding the cause of the issues and what methods you …

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