Do I Need to Clean My Sump Pump?

Your sump pump is a key part of your home that helps prevent flooding and water damage. It’s located in a sump pump pit, and water from around or under your home drains into this pit, where the pump moves the water away from your foundation.

In some homes, you need to clean your sump pump once a year. However, you may want to go into the basecamp and check your backup pump more regularly to ensure there are no problems. You should also check your owner’s manual to see whether your system requires maintenance and cleaning more often. In general, if you take good care of your sump pump and clean it regularly, it can last about 10 years.

How to Clean Your Sump Pump

You will need to take the following steps as part of cleaning:

  • Take care of safety first: Turn off the power or unplug your sump pump and put on thick waterproof gloves if you expect to be handling grey water. Also, make sure no one is using any appliances, such as a dishwasher, while you are working on the pump. If they do, water may enter your basement and fail to drain, causing damage.
  • Prep your space: Start by reading your manual, which will contain detailed information about cleaning your sump pump. Make sure you follow these directions. Clean the area surrounding the sump pump and ensure you have good lighting and access. Put down a plastic tarp to protect the flooring and have a plastic scraper, bucket, wet vac and garbage bag on hand.
  • Disconnect the discharge pipe: Make sure the sump pump is off first. Once you have disconnected the pipe, cover the pump in plastic and take it outside. Use a plastic scraper and running water to wash off the pump. Leave the pump somewhere where it can dry.
  • Get the water out: Use the wet vac to remove any water in the pit and check for damage or potential problems. If you notice any cracks or other damage, call a professional for repairs. If your system has a check valve you can disassemble, do so now. Allow water to drain out of the valve and then take the valve out. You can wash and dry the valve, just like you did with the sump pump.
  • Reassemble: Once everything is cleaned and ready to go, reassemble and reattach your check valve, if you have removed it. Re-insert the sump pump into the pit and attach the discharge pipe. Turn the pump back on or turn the power back on.

If you do not wish to clean your own sump pump, you can also call a professional service to take care of it for you.

Count on ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park

If you need help with your sump pump or if your pump has already failed and caused water damage, contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park to find out about our services. We’re available 24/7, and we always handle your requests with the care and concern we’d show if our own home was affected.

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