General Contractor or Water Damage Specialist? Which Choice Makes Sense?

When your home or business has been affected by a water leak, flood or another type of moisture-related problem, your first thought may be to call a general contractor. However, a general contractor may not be the best solution to quickly, effectively or economically resolve your water damaged property.

What's the best alternative to hiring a general contractor to address your water restoration needs? Calling a water damage specialist as soon as you, your family, your employees and/or your pets are safe.

Main Differences Between General Contractors and Water Restoration Specialists

General contractors and water damage specialists each play an important role, but only a water damage specialist is well-suited to help you recover from residential or commercial water issues.

Flooded basement? Leaking roof? Broken pipe? Sewage backup? Water damage from extinguishing a fire? Below are some of the main reasons to contact a water restoration professional instead of a general contractor:

Water Damage Equipment

Water can ruin even the toughest structures, surfaces and furnishings rapidly. That's why it's imperative to not only remove any moisture immediately but to do it with the right tools. Water restoration specialists in Chicago like our team members have invested in the most advanced equipment to reduce moisture levels as soon as possible. General contractors may be able to bring in fans, but fans are only a small part of the job.

Water Restoration Focus

Water restoration contractors focus on the removal of all water safely and efficiently. Their main goal is for everything to be dry to mitigate long-term damage. General contractors have wider objectives, making them less intent on solving the core problem of comprehensive water removal.

Clean Up

Because water damage regularly creates unsanitary conditions, water damage specialists maintain a supply of clean-up products aimed at promoting an atmosphere that's safer for you, your family, your clients and/or your colleagues. Such products have been carefully tested to ensure they're ideal for your situation.

Mold Remediation

It doesn't take long for water damaged surfaces to become breeding grounds for mold. Because water damage specialists know this, they understand the value of mold remediation and can perform mold removal that lasts. A general contractor is unlikely to have regular dealings with moldy surfaces.

Insurance Carrier Relations

It's unusual for many general contractors to regularly deal with insurance providers regarding flooding and water damage situations. In their capacity, they simply don't have to maintain relationships with top insurance carriers. Quite the opposite, water restoration specialists understand how to speak insurance providers' language and can help you submit claims properly.

Water Damage? Call a Water Restoration Specialist

General contractors are excellent at what they do, but they aren't right for cases of water damage.

When water strikes your house or business, call a water restoration contractors. In the Chicago area, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park offers fast, no-obligation water damage consultations. Call day or evening to get fast, professional advice from a company with the knowledge, tools and expertise to make your water problems go away.

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