Hoarder Clean-up Tips


While hoarding clean-up sounds like a difficult task, it may be even harder than it seems. The first step is figuring out how to start decluttering. Hoarder homes may not only have newspapers, dishes, bags and other items everywhere, but there may also be vermin, mold or other toxic entities associated with poor cleanliness habits. Here’s a quick hoarder cleaning checklist to help you get started.

1. Address the Hoarder

If you’re cleaning up after a hoarder who still lives in the home, not only is the situation probably going to arise again, but they are probably not going to make cleaning up easily. Recognize the person has a psychiatric disorder and address them with patience and respect. Acknowledge that their things are important, not just stuff to be tossed out, and that you are there to help them, not to judge them or steamroll over their problem. You should also strongly consider getting the hoarder professional psychiatric help.

2. Create Four Piles: Keep, Trash, Donate and Save

Have a storage solution for each item of clutter in the house. If something can go directly into the trash, great, although the hoarder is unlikely to feel okay about this. Donation is an easier route. If you can convince the hoarder the item will go to someone less fortunate, it may be easier to part with.

The save pile is a key decluttering trick. If the hoarder is not absolutely sure they need to keep the item, it goes in the save box, which is sealed and dated at the end of the decluttering process. If the hoarder doesn’t break the seal in a year, everything in that box goes to donation or trash. Finally, whatever ends up in the keep pile should have a specific place in the house where it goes and will stay.

3. Get Professional Help

Managing a hoarder and cleaning a whole house by yourself can be too much for almost any person, and if the cleaning involves dealing with toxic substances or potentially disease-ridden animals, getting professional help is even more important.

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