Can I Do Water Restoration by Myself?

Few things are more frustrating than water damage. It can leave disgusting odors and it can damage flooring, furniture and other property. It can even pose a health risk if left unaddressed. You may be wondering: Can I handle water restoration by myself? Of course, there are several things you can do to help reduce the immediate damage from water restoration, but most water damage situations require professional service to fully ameliorate.

Here’s a look the DIY water restoration tasks you can take on immediately:

  • Remove Damaged Assets: When water damage hits your basement or another portion of your home, it will often destroy furniture and other assets beyond repair. You can have your water damage restoration professionals haul away these items, but you can sometimes save some money by taking care of this part yourself.

Water-damaged furniture and other items will be heavy and nasty, and there’s not much fun in this task, but it’s a solid DIY water restoration task.

  • Move the Air: You want to avoid the growth of mold and bacteria, so make sure you get the air moving in the space where the water damage has occurred. Get a few box fans, or even rent a dehumidifier, and make sure you’re drying out the space as best you can and that you’re removing moisture from the air. This is as good as it gets for DIY water restoration tips.
  • Prevent Damage in the First Place: The best path you can take is prevention. If you know there’s a risk of flooding, remove items from the vulnerable area or put them up high where they can’t be damaged. In general, be sure to take damage-prevention steps in vulnerable areas like basements — steps like checking for leaky pipes and maintaining hot water heaters and other appliances that may cause water damage.

Your Chicago Water Damage Restoration Pros

When you experience water damage, it’s nearly impossible to get your home back to full working condition in a completely DIY fashion. Having experienced and professional support on your side is essential. At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we are your go-to water damage restoration professionals.

We offer comprehensive services and will respond quickly in emergency situations when you need immediate support. We help with water removal and drying and we can also assist with reinstallation and cleaning at the end of a project. This process results in a home that looks just like it did before the water damage occurred — if not better!

Your home is your most valuable asset. Don’t risk its health, smell and appearance by trying to take care of all water damage restoration tasks on your own. Get in touch with ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park and get the expert guidance, support and service you need.

Contact us today about your water damage restoration needs.

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