Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Home

Tips to Remove Cigarette Smoke From Your Home

The lingering scent of cigarette smoke can be aggravating and even hazardous to your health. Are you looking to remove cigarette smoke from a home? If so, there are several DIY tips you can try. Eventually, though, to fully eradicate the scent and its effects, you’ll want to call in professionals.

In the meantime, follow these tips to remove cigarette smoke from your home:

  • Attack the Fabrics: Smoke can seep into fabrics, like upholstery and clothing, and it can stay there. Have you ever worn your coat to a smoky bar? The scent of smoke can stay around for a long time. To get it out of fabrics in your home, throw them in the washing machine and add two cups of vinegar. Then, dry them gently in low heat or, better yet, hang them in the sun for drying.

The vinegar helps remove the scent from bedspreads, pillowcases and other affected fabrics. High heat will reactivate the scent, but low heat or hang drying can help keep it away.

  • Address Carpet and Furniture: Baking soda is the key for carpets and furniture, which are prime areas for smoky scents to cling. Spread the baking soda liberally around your home and its carpets and furniture, and let it soak in for more than an hour. Vacuum up the baking soda after it’s spent an hour or more doing its work. You can repeat this step as needed if it doesn’t deliver the results you want.
  • Take Care of Walls: Time to break out the vinegar again! Mix vinegar and water in a bucket in about a 75 percent vinegar, 25 percent water mixture. Then, get a rag to wipe down walls and even ceilings as needed. Make sure you’re rinsing your rag regularly as it starts to accumulate the greasy residue that cigarette smoke can leave behind.
  • Make Replacements: The next big step you can take is to replace your carpets and wallpaper, as well as to repaint walls as needed. Cigarette smoke is incredibly difficult to eradicate and sometimes, especially in the toughest jobs, making replacements is absolutely necessary.
  • Call the Professionals: There are smoke damage restoration professionals who take on these types of jobs every day. These professionals have the experience, knowledge, tools and systems to achieve the results you want when trying to remove cigarette smoke from your home.

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