How to Clean Smoke Off Of Glass and Mirrors

Carpets and furniture aren’t the only household items to succumb to smoke damage. Mirrors and other glass objects can become smeared with greasy soot, too. At first glance, you might think that regular cleaning methods will get them clean, but they simply don’t.

The issue is that smoke is made up of too much oil. Therefore, when you use a washcloth or cleaning rag on mirrors and glass, the soot simply moves from one location to another. This can create frustration, and it can cause the surface to look dark, uninviting and dirty.

Instead of trying what doesn’t work, turn to a system of smoke damage removal on mirrors and glass that has held up for generations. All you need is your favorite cleaner, a stack of newspaper sheets and some old-fashioned time and elbow grease.

What Type of Cleaner Should You Use?

This is really up to you. Many homeowners have a preferred mirror and glass cleaner that becomes their go-to product. Some buy whatever is on sale. Others like to purchase from companies that offer an organic seal of approval. And plenty of homeowners are into the make-your-own vinegar, water and lemon juice cleaners.

As long as you are comfortable with the cleaning product and its ingredients, you can feel free to use it. You don’t have to go out and buy anything new, or anything you feel will be toxic or bad-smelling.

How Newspapers Come to the Rescue

You may have heard that newspapers bring out a shine in mirrors and glass. It’s all true. Unlike other items, including paper towels, they offer a streak-free appearance when correctly used.

Spray your cleaner onto your mirror, window or glass object, and then ball up a piece of newspaper. It should be big enough to fit in your hand, but not unwieldy.

Next, start to rub the cleaner around the sooty glass or mirror in a circular motion. Be sure to press firmly, but not so hard that you risk breaking the object. Stay consistent with your strokes. You’ll need to wipe over the same area plenty of times. This is okay and should be expected.

Throw away your newspaper when it becomes too saturated. Soggy newspaper will fall apart, not help you rescue your smoke damaged mirrors and glass. Just get a new piece of newspaper and continue the process.

Plan for Patience When Cleaning Smoke Damaged Mirrors and Glass

After your first go-round, you might not see perfect results. Again, this is because the oils in the soot and grime are very sticky and resistant to cleaning. You will need to repeat your cleaning with cleanser and newspapers until all the grime has disappeared.

Although it might seem frustrating at first, you’ll love the results, and you’ll be glad you no longer have a reminder of your smoke damage every time you look in the mirror.

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