Chicago Residential Fire Restoration


Fires are terrifying experiences, especially when it occurs at your place of residence. Just as horrifying as the fire itself is the damage it can cause to your property. After a fire damage has occurred in your home in chicago, you can expect to deal with both fire and smoke damage. Smoke damage is mostly one of the biggest issues that owners face after a home disaster of this type.

When you find yourself in need of a fire damage restoration services in the Chicago area, you can trust ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park. Our Fast, courteous service takes the sting out of experiencing a fire in your home or business

Please contact our office as soon as possible at (773) 346-6767. Our technicians will come to your home, evaluate the damage, and recommend a variety of house fire damage restoration options.

Hire a Professional for Residential Fire Restoration Services

Some people choose “do-it-yourself” approach to residential disaster restoration after they experience a fire. What they don’t necessarily realize is that this is a difficult job — a job best handled by professionals like ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park.

After a fire, the smoke damage can be more extensive than meets the eye. Build-up isn’t only on the walls and in the carpeting — it usually soaks deep into the crevices and ductwork of your home. If you do not have the proper tools to completely eradicate this type of debris, you risk the health and wellness of everyone in your household.

ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park uses advanced procedures to ensure our house fire damage restoration jobs are handled with expertise. We clean the soot and smoke from hidden places, such as throughout the ventilation ducts and chambers.

In addition, we can deep-clean carpeting and flooring to reach far beyond the fibers or upper layer you see, reaching every tiny smoky particle from underneath the carpets. We stand behind our techniques and offer a guarantee of complete satisfaction. You are in good hands when you choose ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for your home or business disaster restoration services in Chicago.

Offering Peace of Mind After a Fire Emergency

Having a fire in your property feels like a personal invasion of privacy. We understand this fact and are compassionate at every step. ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park offers a fast, expert solution to one of your toughest home-related problems. We can also help you work with your insurance carrier to determine what kind of paperwork is necessary, so you receive the maximum benefit in response to your fire.

Call us today (773) 346-6767 for an initial consultation with our ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park team members.

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