Signs You Have Mold in Your Home

One of the biggest health hazards in your home is the presence of black mold. Besides being unsightly — when you can see it — mold is a toxin that can affect your breathing and cause myriad health problems if allowed to grow unchecked.

Unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to tell if you have a mold problem in a home. If you don’t know how to detect mold in walls or pick up on signs of mold in a house even when you can’t see it, you may not end up addressing the problem until it has already affected your health. To avoid this, here are some mold warning signs to be on the lookout for.

How to Detect Mold

  • Smell: If you notice a strange, pungent odor in your home, especially in specific areas where mold might grow, you may have a mold issue. If you clean thoroughly and the smell seems to persist, it may be time to think about whether or not you need to address a mold problem.
  • Sight: This is the easiest way to detect mold. Mold gives a wall or ceiling a black, spotty appearance and is likely to show up in damp areas where water can collect.
  • Health Problems: Unfortunately, the first signs of mold you notice may be in your own body. If you’re suddenly having chronic breathing problems, nausea or other health issues that seem to have no other explanation, especially if the symptoms seem worse when you are indoors, you should get your home inspected for mold immediately.

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Where moisture is in a home, mold will soon follow. That’s why if your home experiences water damage, it’s so important to call on ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park right away. Our technicians are trained to clean up your water damage as quickly as possible so mold does not grow, and we are experienced at working with your insurance company so if you have a valid claim, you can just relax and let us take care of everything without worrying about the payment process.

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8 thoughts on “Signs You Have Mold in Your Home”

  1. I do like that you go over how to detect mold in the article. After all, mold can be quite dangerous if it is left to grow on its own for too long. If you are able to find mold in your home though, it is probably best to hire a mold removal service right away.

  2. I noticed a pretty faint smell the other day in my mother-in-law’s basement that I suspected may be mold. In the article, you mentioned that it would be important to have it looked at if the smell persists for some time. How many days should I have her be aware of the smell before she decides to have a mold assessment service come test for spores?

  3. You did a great job of explaining about molds. Smell is really the first thing that could get our attention when it comes to spotting molds in our house; when we start smelling something weird then it’s time to start searching for possible mold issue. Better get a mold remediation service when we spot one to avoid getting bigger issues. I remember once when we didn’t notice the mold growing into our house, it started producing weird smell throughout the house that it became unbearable to breathe.

  4. I’m glad you said that you might have mold if you clean a lot and it still smells strange. There’s a really strong smell in the basement, and I checked all of the corners for dead rodents, but there’s nothing there. I’ll clean it to see if the smell goes away, but it might be better to call a mold removal service to see if there’s something growing down there.

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