How to Fix Water-Damaged Book Pages

Books are an absolute treasure, but they are also some of your most vulnerable assets in a flooding situation. If you’re recovering from a flood, you may be concerned about finding a way to fix water-damaged books. Rest assured: there is a proven process that can help repair wet books, if you know where to start. Here’s a look at that process.

What Type of Water Damage?

Before you get started, know what kind of water damage you’re dealing with. If the water that damaged your books is wastewater or otherwise contaminated, it’s a situation that goes beyond what you can do on your own. In these cases, it’s important that you contact a water-damage restoration professional.

Drying Comes First

Before removing dirt, mud or other grime from your books, they must be dried entirely. You’ll want to spread absorbent paper towels across a surface. Leave your books closed and stand them on end, which helps to drain out any excess water. Then slip paper towels between the binding and the first page, as well as the binding and the last page. When the paper towels on the surface become saturated, change them out.

Keep the humidity as low as possible in the room where you’re doing the drying and circulate air without letting it blow directly at the books.

Books That Are Only Damp

Not all books will be fully saturated with water, in which case you can take a slightly different approach. Try to lay the damp books flat on the surface that you’ve covered with paper towels. Then place a weight on top of the book, which will help force out the dampness.

The Power of Air Drying

Air drying is the most powerful and practical way to fix water-damaged books. Make sure your treasures are restored so you can enjoy them in the future, or so others may enjoy them, too. Air drying may take a longer period of time than feels practical, but it truly is the best option in a situation that offers few satisfactory alternatives.

Need Extra Help?

At ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, we understand that flooding and the resulting water damage can lead to a situation that feels overwhelming and impossible. That’s why we offer comprehensive water-damage restoration services in the Chicago area. We can fix your water-damaged books and help to completely restore your home and other assets to their prior condition.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by flooding and the resulting water damage. Secure the help of a team of professionals who specialize in returning your home and belongings to pristine condition when you choose to work with ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park.

Contact us today when you need to fix water-damaged books.

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