Can I Turn off Water Damage Drying Equipment at Night?

If you are wondering how long to run the fans after water damage, any water restoration professional will tell you the same thing: The most important element of mitigating damages is the initial and ongoing drying process.

As moisture seeps into every crevice, it becomes a menace. Not only does it promote the growth of bacteria and mold, but it can quickly destroy surfaces and materials. Consequently, the faster the water specialist can bring down the humidity, the more rapidly the water leaves the premises.

fans to dry water damage

To promote proper drying, water restoration experts use high-powered equipment. Each piece of equipment is a specific tool designed to make your home or office healthier, safer, more sanitary and ready for full recovery. However, many people wonder if it's okay to turn off noisy or humming equipment at night.

The short answer is "no," and the reasons are below.

1. Turning off the Water Damage Drying Equipment Allows Humidity to Rise

Water damage fans and other equipment provide a constant air flow throughout an air-tight space. If you open a window, you negate the machines' ability to work. You also allow moisture from the outside to enter the building.

At the same time, even if you keep windows shut and merely turn off the equipment for a few hours, you enable the moisture to seep into new spaces. In other words, you make the potential for damage worse.

2. Feeling the Walls Isn't a Good Indicator of Moisture

Did you touch the walls to see if they were wet? You might think they're dry far before they really are. Fingers and hands aren't good indicators of moisture levels, especially if water is trapped behind surfaces, which it usually is.

Even if you think that your walls or floors are bone-dry, you are likely mistaken. Water damage drying equipment is used to completely remove water from all areas, including those you can't see or feel.

3. It Will Cost You More in the Long Run to Turn off the Machines

Worried that the cost to run the water damage equipment is sending your utility bills sky high? Actually, it could be much costlier to keep turning them off. After all, the longer they are off at night, the longer they have to be in your residence or commercial building.

Besides, if your water restoration process is being covered by insurance, you may be able to negotiate for a percentage of your electricity bills to be covered. Talk to your water restoration specialist and/or your insurance carrier about this possibility.

4. You Can't Get a Good Result From a Poor Product

Your goal is to restore your house or office to like-new condition, but that's not going to happen if you haven't allowed the water damage fans to do their work. The only way to ensure a great outcome is to leave the equipment alone.

Yes, it can be hard to be patient, but the experts know best. Trust their decision, and be sure to contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park for water damage projects.

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