Is It Safe to Stay in a Home With Smoke Damage?

House fires can be a nightmare for homeowners to deal with, destroying priceless valuables and endangering your family’s health. Smoke damage is the lesser-known, and sometimes hidden, additional issue in these situations. Due to smoke damage’s variable nature, it’s often challenging to understand and diagnose the associated dangers of staying in a fire-damaged house. Luckily, the …

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The Impact of Basement Moisture

      Whether your basement is extra storage space or a finished recreational room, it’s vulnerable to moisture for various reasons. Persistent, undetected basement moisture problems can wreak havoc on your foundation and cause health issues. The secret to preventing a wet basement is understanding the cause of the issues and what methods you …

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Why Do Frozen Pipes Burst in Winter?

Winters in Chicago can be frigid, which can be a lot of fun if you go sledding, ice skating or walking in the winter wonderland. Unfortunately, freezing temperatures can also lead to another regular occurrence in the winter that’s a whole lot less fun. Frozen pipes can burst, causing damage to your property and requiring …

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Can Old Carpet Make You Sick?

An old carpet may still look nice years after you install it. But it could also wreak havoc with your allergies. We have seen many cases where people begin sneezing and their eyes water as soon as they walk into a room with an old carpet. The issue has nothing to do with how clean …

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What Are the Types of Floods?

If you own a home, the threat of flooding has probably crossed your mind — but did you know there is more than one kind of flood? While we may associate different types of flooding with similar damage, including ruined possessions and mold issues, recovering from a flood may be easier if you and the …

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Health Effects of Floodwater

Suffering a flood is a big fear for many homeowners. In a matter of hours, your home can be invaded by water, damaging your belongings and plunging your future into uncertainty. While you may worry about the condition of your things, your health can also be at risk. Stagnant water poses health risks associated with …

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