Tips for Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

If you’ve ever experienced water damage in your home, you know that it can be a total nightmare. Everything is a wet, smashed-up mess, and even if the insurance company is going to pay for the water damage restoration, you’ve still got to clean up. To clean up properly after sustaining serious water damage, here are a few basic tips:

1.Disconnect the Power

If you’re going to attempt any water damage cleanup, or even just walk through flooded areas, this is a crucial first step. Turn off the power, unplug any electronics and get any electronic equipment out of the water as soon as possible. Most electronics will probably be ruined by water damage, but some can be salvaged if it is removed and dried quickly enough. It’s vital to cut off the power to prevent risk of electrocution.

2.Remove the Water

Don’t use a vacuum, as there is an electrocution risk and the vacuum may do more damage to certain items. First, take any furniture or other items out of the water to dry separately. Use towels and mops to soak up as much water as possible, and buckets to carry large pools of water away. You can empty the buckets by pouring them down the sewer or using them to water your lawn.

3.Dry Out the Area

Fans and a dehumidifier can help dry out the area. The sooner you start, the better.

4.Disinfect the Area

Disinfect all water-damaged areas with a good disinfectant to prevent bacteria growth. Once it dries out, apply a quality mold and mildew remover liberally to prevent buildup.

5.Hire a Quality Water-Damage Restoration Contractor

The best way to deal with water damage is to bring in a great water damage restoration company to handle your water damage. A good water-damage restoration company can assess what valuable items can be saved and can act quickly and professionally to rescue as much of your water-damaged property as possible.

If you’ve sustained water damage, contact ServiceMaster Restore immediately at 773-219-0686. ServiceMaster Restore has years of experience providing commercial and residential restoration services with the personal care and expertise you need to salvage your property after disaster strikes. ServiceMaster Restore offers 24/7 emergency service and works with your insurance company, billing you only for the deductible when you have a valid claim.

When you sustain water damage, every minute is crucial when it comes to protecting your property. If you’ve suffered serious water damage, call ServiceMaster Restore for full water damage restoration today.

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