What to do In Ukrainian Village Chicago

Are you visiting Chicago's Ukrainian Village? It’s a neighborhood that feels more like a European community. From a historical perspective, it’s a location where Ukrainian immigrants settled after coming to the United States to pursue the American Dream. Today, it’s an area that houses plenty of opportunities, events, shopping opportunities and dining pleasures.

If you have never been to Ukrainian Village, or you haven’t visited in a while, it’s time to go. ServiceMaster is located just 10 minutes from the historic neighborhood so we have the inside scoop on the locals favorite spots. Be sure to bring your appetite and sense of wonder as you traverse this unique part of Chicago.

Visit the Religious Landmarks

The original settlers of Ukrainian Village were fierce in their faith, and that steadfastness is reflected in the architecture of the religious landmarks.

Start your journey at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral. It was built to look like Saint Sophia’s Cathedral located in Kiev, Russia, and it’s a spectacular testament to fine engineering.

Next, head to Sts. Volodymyr and Olha Ukrainian Catholic Parish. Prepare to be inspired by its golden dome and eastern architectural engineering feats. Known for its gorgeous mosaics, it’s a definite must-see when you come to Ukrainian Village.

Another landmark is the Saint Volodymyr Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral, which has a more modern look, but it’s no less spectacular than other houses of worship in this tight-knit community.

Check out Historical Homes

Dotting Hoyne and Thomas Streets are a wide array of historic homes. While they are not open to the public, except on special occasions, they are opportunities to get a glimpse into yesteryear. Note the varying architectural styles and fascinating features, materials, and elements.

Be sure to take photos with your cell phone or professional camera to study later, especially if you are interested in architecture and design.

Go to the Ukrainian National Museum

Museums are aplenty in Chicago, including the Ukrainian National Museum. Whether you have Ukrainian heritage or are simply fascinated by history and culture, you will appreciate the care that has gone into preserving the past and present of the Ukrainian people.

Plenty of permanent exhibits await at the Ukrainian National Museum, so plan to spend several hours. Tours are also available to help you gain a better understanding of everything you see.

Head for a Bite to Eat

All the tourist activities will leave you hungry and thirsty, so hop over to a few famous hotspots to refuel and recharge.

Who says you shouldn’t start with dessert? At Ukrainian Village, Shokolad Pastry & Café beckons with its traditional sweet goodies. Taste classic menu items that you won’t find anywhere except your Ukrainian grandmother’s kitchen.

Next, scoot over to Black Dog Gelato, where you can feast on some more sweets. Try gelato in flavors you never considered, such as goat cheese cashew caramel, raspberry apple cider sorbet, sesame fig chocolate chip, and Mexican hot chocolate. You never know what you’ll find there, as new taste sensations pop up on a regular basis.

Looking for something a little savory to round out your foodie dreams? Bite Café has become known for its spectacular and unique menu items. From appetizers to entrees and everything in between, you’ll enjoy little and big bites on North Western Avenue.

Take Time to Shop

Now that you’ve had your fill of the sights and nibbles, it’s high time to get your shopping on!

Even if you aren’t actively looking for green items, check out Sprout Home. They take gardening seriously and can even help you grow your green thumb. You’ll appreciate the variety of amazing flora available here.

Have music running through your veins? Talk to the folks at Permanent Records, who appreciate vinyl as much as they love downloadable iPhone apps and tunes. You might just discover a treasure, like the album you used to love as a kid, among their offerings.

The Occult Bookstore sounds spooky, but don’t let your fears keep you from entering. It’s a nifty place where you can find unusual tomes unavailable elsewhere.

Finally, fashion lovers will appreciate Penelope’s, Ad Hoc, Study Hall, Mulberry & Me, Anastasia Chatzka and The Bottomline Resale Boutique. New style, here you come!

No matter what you do when you come to Ukrainian Village, you’ll be certain to leave with some fantastic memories.

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