What Equipment is Used to Dry Water & Flood Damage

When you're dealing with water damage, you want to dry out any excess moisture immediately.

Water restoration technicians do this by using specialized equipment that achieves several objectives during the drying process:

What kind of water damage restoration equipment will a water damage specialist team like the professionals at ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park use? Check out the common equipment solutions listed below.

Water Pumps

If you still have any standing water in your residence or office space, your water damage technicians will immediately pull as much of it out as possible. To do this, they'll use water pumps that make a Shop-Vac look like a kid's toy!

High-volume water pumps allow for immediate extraction of water and other liquids. They can also prevent dirt and mud from piling up — for example, in basements suffering from backed-up sewers or poorly-working drains.

This type of equipment will probably not be left on your property, as it's customarily attended by a specialist who has been trained on its proper usage.

Industrial-Quality Fans

These aren't your ordinary house fans. Rather, they are specialty fans that force the air to circulate quickly. Not only do they kick up a wind in the area, but they keep moisture from settling on any surfaces.

Depending on the size and scope of your water restoration project, your preferred water damage restoration specialists may use more than one fan as an air mover.

Because fans often have to run for many hours or days to get the job done, fans may be left on your premises with instructions not to turn them off. Follow your technician's request to resist hitting the "off" switch. Otherwise, you could put your property in harm's way by allowing moisture to seep farther away from the surfaces.

Super-Strength Dehumidifiers

Mold growth happens as humidity rises, so it's best to keep humidity levels as low as possible in places that have been flooded or have incurred any kind of water damage.

Dehumidifiers essentially pull the moisture from the air and condense it back into water that can then be properly disposed of. The dehumidifiers used by water restoration technicians are very strong, something that's necessary to ensure dryness as fast as possible.

Like fans and similar industrial strength air movers, dehumidifiers take some time to do their work. Therefore, you shouldn't be surprised if your professional water remediation specialist tells you that the dehumidifier will stay running on your property until the humidity has reached an acceptable level.

Follow the Drying Process for a Successful Result

Want to have the best result you can after experiencing flooding or other water damage? Always listen to your water damage restoration specialist and put your trust in their equipment.

Need someone to come to your home or business quickly? Contact ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park, day or night, for speedy outcomes.

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