What Is the Most Common Season for Home Flooding?

It’s already devastating enough when your home floods — but it’s even worse when you have no idea it’s coming. It helps when you can prepare for flood season in Chicago ahead of time to keep your home and basement dry. While the rain falls in Chicago, you can feel helpless. However, ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park is here to restore water damage in your home even during the worst seasons.

Which Months Are the Worst for Flooding in Chicago?

Overall, spring is the most common season for home flooding in Chicago. The average precipitation in the city is high during April, May, and June. May even has the highest average monthly rainfall days over the year in Chicago. The month of April typically brings close to four inches of rain. May and June also hover around an average precipitation of three to four inches.

This is enough rain to quickly build up in your basement and cause flood damage, especially if it’s all from one day or over a period of a few days from a specific storm.

It’s no surprise that spring is rainy, but what might be surprising is that August tops the list as the rainiest month for flooding in Chicago. Your home could see over four inches of average precipitation during August. Even though there are fewer days with rain, the days that the rain pours are ones where you will undoubtedly feel it.

This statistic is surprising when you’re guessing months by rainfall in Chicago. The summer months are typically viewed as hot and dry, making a flooded home or basement the last thing you’re expecting.

Keep in mind that Lake Michigan influences much of Chicago’s weather. Some areas may receive more rain, snow or other types of precipitation based on their proximity to the lake. The best thing you can do is look at a history of the weather in your specific Chicago suburb. This will tell you if you follow the general pattern or if you have some outlier months that are wetter in your area.

Prepare Your Home for a Flood Before the Rain Comes

Now that you know the rainiest months for flooding in Chicago, you can stay ahead of the curve. Prepare your home for any impending flood damage by making sure your HVAC systems get regular maintenance and are running well during the rainy months. You can also move any valuable items from your basement or other flood areas to higher ground. Fix plumbing issues or old pipes quickly and before the rain comes.

If you experience emergency water damage, it’s essential to bring in a professional instead of trying to clean it up yourself. Simply removing the water doesn’t mean there isn’t mold, bacteria or other damage that you missed. If left untreated, this causes safety hazards and health issues for you and your family members.

When disaster strikes, call ServiceMaster of Lincoln Park. We’re a full-service restoration and cleaning company that can get your house back to normal after repeated flood damage. Call us today to learn more about our services – (773) 346-6767.

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